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Weight Loss

Fire up your metabolism and control your weight with our Calorie and Macro Nutrient controlled meals! Our menu was made to fast track your results!

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Customize Your Meals

For those who are on a strict diet, such as competitors or athletes, or for those of you with dietary restrictions meal prep plays a crucial roll in your success. Check out our Custom Build Your Meal Menu!

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Nutrition & Coaching

Looking for the extra help to reach your goals? Need someone to show you the way and hold you accountable? Our trainers and Nutritionists are the perfect team for you! View our Coaching packages!

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Meet the Owners

Vancouver Muscle Meals is owner operated by Personal Trainers and Chefs, Alec Abbott & Tasha Vickerd!

Alec Abbott and Tasha Vickerd Vancouver Muscle Meals


We Make Fit Taste Good

Want a healthy diet that doesn't sacrifice flavour in the process? Look no further! Vancouver Muscle Meals have been working on flavours to bring the fun back into a strict diet!

Save Time

Would you love to live in a world where you no longer have to buy groceries, prepare, cook, clean, or even do the dishes? Vancouver Muscle Meals takes care of the cooking, cleaning, planning and delivers ready made meals to your door step!

Reach your Goals!

Losing weight and gaining lean muscle are no two easy tasks. Each depend greatly on diet! With VMM you can control your the protein, fats, and carbs you digest to target your goals!

Delivering all over the Vancouver Area!

We Deliver your food 2x per week to make sure you are getting the highest quality fresh foods! Take A look at our meal prep menus and different packages! There is something to fit everyones lifestyle.

What Our Clients are Saying

How It Works

“I’m so happy with this service! I work long hours on the road and I was a chronic fast food eater. I’ve been ordering from Vancouver Muscle meals for a while now and so far I’ve lost 8 pounds and saved a lot of time in grocery shopping, cooking and packing food. Every busy professional should be using these guys!”
– Michael

“Amazing food! Excellent customer service! Who knew high protein, low calorie food could taste so good!! Highly recommend!”
– Doris

“AWESOME! Fast response to questions, great food! Saves so much time not having to figure out what healthy options to eat during lunch and won’t settle for something quick when there’s no time for lunch. Thanks guys!!!”


“Second week in still loving it. Great choice great ingredients great price. You cannot deny the overall value you get with this product. If time is money you end up saving no doubt with these meals. No prep no cook time no dishes. Thank you Vancouver muscle meals making life a whole lot easier.”

– Dylan

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