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Because we┬ámake our meals fresh with fresh ingredients, we need plenty of time to ensure we have enough supplies to make that happen. That’s why our deadline for ordering your meals is WEDNESDAY at midnight for ANY orders for the following week. If you place on order on, let’s say, Friday for a Wednesday delivery, your order will not arrive until the Second Wednesday after you have placed your order.



  • Managing your Subscription

Making Changes

Update your order!
To make changes to your subscription you must:
  • Log into your account and edit the subscription
  • Change one or more meals, meal quantity, delivery method or day.
  • Make sure that you make your changes before the Wednesday 11:59 pm Deadline to be effective that week.


End your subscription!
To end your subscription
  • Head to your account and cancel the subscription
  • Make sure you cancel before the Wednesday Deadline. All requests after this deadline will be applied to the following week
  • A reminder, all subscriptions have a two week minimum commitment. If you cancel before the two week subscription you will still receive your meals for 2 weeks.


Pause your subscription!
To pause your subscription
  • You may pause your subscription for up to one week
  • To pause your meals, simply log into your account, go to subscriptions and cancel the subscription you wish to pause. You will be able to re-activate the subscription within one week after you cancelled it.
  • All requests must be made before the Wednesday 11:59 pm Deadline to be effective that week.