To make changes to your subscription or cancel your subscription please read below





  • Making order changes

If you would like to make changes to your subscription, make sure it is before the next deadline day and:

  • Simply log in to your account, cancel the current subscription and re create a new subscription prior to the deadline.


  • Email your changes into prior to the deadline.

  • Please note, you can not manually replace new items to your order via the cart as those changes can not be seen by us, so please use one of the above methods.
  • Pause or Cancel your subscription

Subscribing is simple! You can cancel anytime after the second week, pause if you need to travel, and as you saw above make changes to your order!

  • To pause your subscription email into prior to the next delivery deadline
  • To cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account, go to subscriptions, and cancel your subscription. You can cancel a subscription anytime after your 2 week commitment. Please make sure to cancel before your next billing cycle (Your billing cycle renews each week on the day and time you initially placed your order). 
  • Placing an order

Once you have added your menu choices to the cart, proceed to the check out, you will be able to select “subscribe to my order” and enter code “SUBSCRIBE” for a reoccurring discount of 20%

  • Your order will come automatically

Auto payment is active and your subscription will come automatically every week on your requested delivery day(s). No need to stress about deadlines, just relax knowing your diet has been taken care of!