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Welcome to your one stop shop for all of your fitness and coaching needs! We are offering you the convenience of a nutritionist, personal trainer and coach, all who can be accessed from the comfort of your own home! We have the right professionals to assist you in reaching all your fitness goals. We are now offering a free fitness consultation where we will discuss your personal goals, and how we can get you there.

Making sure that we understand your goals, we offer fully individualized training and diet programs based on milestones decided upon by you and your coach or nutritionist.  We will provide you with a customized meal and training plan to help you succeed. Whether your goal is to put on weight or take it off, build muscle or increase endurance, we have you covered.

Online coaching is a great way for trainers and trainees all over the world to connect. Its great to know that we can help people outside of our local area reach their goals. It is our mission to treat you the same as if we were working right beside you.  Making sure that:

  • We keep you motivated and focused to our best ability.
  • We will hold you accountable.
  • If you can commit yourself 100% then this program will be perfect for you.

We offer various plan options, but can include one-on-one check-ins and consultations with your coach and nutritionist.  We offer customized training programs, nutrition assistance, supplement recommendations and cardio/strength programming.  Our specialists will keep in touch with you via phone, email, sms, or video chat, to hold you accountable.

MK Cirelli Nutritionist Vancouver BC Canada, Vancouver Muscle Meals

Mary Kate “MK”

Mary Kate “MK” Cirelli graduated from the University of Vermont (UVM) with a Bachelor of Science and degree in Nutrition and Food Science.  While studying, MK was a division I cross country ski racer for UVM, one of the best division I skiing programs in the country.  During her time skiing UVM she became a 3x All-American.  During her fifth year of school, MK also competed in track and field as a distance runner.  Her background as an athlete and student has allowed her to specialize in nutrition for athletes, specifically endurance athletes.  Aside from athlete nutrition, she also specializes in meal planning for weight loss OR weight gain depending on your circumstances.  An avid mountain biker, runner and cross fitter herself, MK is always continuing her education to help others maximize their performance through a balanced diet and exercise plan.

Tasha Vickerd, Diet Coach, Vancouver BC , Vancouver Muscle Meals

Tasha Vickerd

As the owner of Vancouver Muscle Meals, it is no surprise that the company was fuelled from a passion for health and fitness. Tasha Vickerd is a Personal Trainer, Sport Nutrition Specialist, and contest prep coach! She has traveled the world, picking up recipes and broadening her knowledge all along the way, to give her company a unique edge. Residing in BCs adventure capital, Whistler, she is not shy to adventure. Her free time is filled with Downhill Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Hiking and Training! Tasha works with clients, ranging from weight-loss clients, to competitive sport athletes, fighters, actors, and busy business professionals wanting to reach their personal goals.


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