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It has never been easier to order Vancouver Muscle Meals. Our menu items are made to provide you with a nutritionally balanced meal. Mix and match your favourite items, and add them to your chosen package. We have two pick up and delivery days, every Wednesday and every Sunday. For 18 and 30 meal packages, you may choose to split your meals so that your receive half on the first delivery and half on the second delivery to ensure freshness!

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Browse our menu options!
With options from the Foodie menu, the Prep menu and Breakfast options
there are tons of selections to choose from!

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Select your Package!
Once you add your package to your cart,
You will be directed to a page to select your meals!

Can’t choose? Thats fine, you can get in touch with us, and we can help you pick the right meal package, or help you customize your own. We can do Any amount of meals, with a minimum order of 9.

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