We are so excited to announce the first annual Turkey2Turkey Challenge!

This holiday season, shed the extra pounds instead of gaining them. Enter the firs annual Turkey2Turkey Challenge! With weekly contests, prizes, and draws, what better way to have fun while getting fit with Vancouver Muscle Meals! The Vancouver Muscle Meals team is offering COMPLIMENTARY coaching this holiday season along with your VMM meal packages! 

Vancouver Muscle Meals has teamed up with Athlete and Superstar Olena Kodak, and will be hosting VMM Power hour boot camps at Driftwood Athletics  every Wednesday at 7pm!

You can enter the contest anytime, it runs from October 12th to December 24th (closing at 8pm)
Within that timeline you are working to earn your stars! At the end of the contest period, the contestant with the most stars will be crowned the 2016 Turkey2Turkey Challenge Champion!

Here are some ways you can earn stars:

How do I earn Gold Stars? 

  • 5x Gold Stars for the first place weekly challenge winner
  • 3x Gold Stars for the second place weekly challenge winner
  • 2x Gold Stars for ever third place weekly challenge winner
  • 1x Gold Stars for every weekly challenge participant
  • 3x Gold Stars for every @fitwithok VMM Power Hour class you complete
  • 1x Gold Stars for every social media post you tag @Vancouvermusclemeals in (max 1 per day)

ALSO Win Stars when you order your meals!

  • 4x Gold Stars for every Pro Meal Package purchased (30 meals)
  • 3x Gold Stars for every Heavyweight Meal package purchased (18 meals)
  • 2x Gold Stars for every Middleweight Meal package purchased (15 meals)
  • 1x Gold Stars for every Lightweight Meal package purchased (9 meals)
  • Subscribe to your package for a month and earn DOUBLE STARS

No need to wait for a new years resolution! Feel great in those holiday outfits! Start 2017 looking Dynamite!

For More information on how to sign up for the Turkey2Turkey Challenge, Click here!

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